The most important event on the Vietnamese calendar is Tet,  Lunar New Year. This festival is associated with the moon phase and takes place in January or February. Tet 2017: from 27 January to 2 February.

This festival is mainly celebrated with family and people return to their native villages. The entire country is on the go, most shops are closed and even the major cities will appear desolate. Flights, trains and hotels are fully booked long in advance.

Other National Holidays:

January 1       New Year
April 6             King Hung commemoration
April 30           Day of reunification (of North and South)
                       (all closed on 2 May)
May 1             Labor Day (all closed on 3 May)
September 4  Vietnam National Day
On national holidays many shops, public places and museums are closed. Many museums are closed on Mondays.