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November 2017

  • Find Angkor Wat’s hidden gems

    Rating: No votes Date: November 30th 2017 Traveller: Carla Rijnders
    Angkor Wat, or the “City of Temples”, has many hidden gems, with many inaccessible temples around the area. Every year new temples and ruins are being discovered. There are many people [...]
  • Thailand’s fighting art form

    Rating: No votes Date: November 22nd 2017 Traveller: Carla Rijnders
    It seems like Muay Thai, Thailand’s fighting art form has been around forever. And that’s almost right. In the Buddhist year 1238, the first Thai army was created. This army needed to [...]
  • Planning your Southeast Asia trip

    Rating: No votes Date: November 8th 2017 Traveller: Carla Rijnders
    It’s almost 2018, so time to start preparing for your 2018 holidays! Why not go to Southeast Asia for your next big trip? This is a great area to visit, as it’s filled with adventure, and [...]
  • The wonderful world of Lao Cuisine

    Rating: No votes Date: November 2nd 2017 Traveller: Carla Rijnders
    Instead of asking ‘How are you?’ the people in Laos ask ‘Have you eaten?’. This is how important food is in this country! Knowing this, you can imagine Lao people are very [...]