Planning your Southeast Asia trip

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Date: November 8th 2017
Traveller: Carla Rijnders
It’s almost 2018, so time to start preparing for your 2018 holidays! Why not go to Southeast Asia for your next big trip? This is a great area to visit, as it’s filled with adventure, and many places, sights and activities are close together. That being said, you probably won’t be able to fit everything into one trip. Unless, of course, you’re having a couple of months to explore all the different countries. Then still, it can get tricky to see everything you want, as there is just so much to explore! So here are some of our top tips to make the best out of your Southeast Asia travels!

1. Don’t see too much in one go.Off course you’d like to see as many things as possible when you travel here. And yes it’s possible to see Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and Myanmar in a three-week span. But make sure to plan in some time to see other things than just the highlights. There are so many off the beaten path tours you can do which will make your experience here unique. Think about an amazing midnight food tour in Bangkok, being driven around town in a Tuk Tuk!  Or get to know a number of tribal villages when exploring the Bolaven Plateau in Southern Laos. These experiences will make sure you really get to know a country, instead of just ticking the highlight off your travel bucket list.

2. Get your visa. Once you’ve decided which countries you want to visit check and see whether you need a visa to travel to this country. Check out our website to find out more for Vietnam, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia and Laos.

All the countries have different rules for different passports. Also note that most countries want you to have an onward ticket (showing you will be leaving the country), and sometimes they even want to have proof that you have sufficient funds to stay there for the period of your trip. So before stepping on that airplane, make sure you have all the required documents with you.

3. Check the weather. Many people think that it is always warm and sunny in Southeast Asia. But this is definitely not true! In Sapa, Northern Vietnam, it can get close to freezing point and sometimes there is even snow in the mountains! And of course, there is also a big difference between the rainy season (pack a poncho!) and the summer season (make sure you bring your sunblock!). So check out the weather before coming, and pack accordingly!

4. Are there special National Holidays?  While some National Holidays are a great way to get to know a country, as you can participate in the festivities, such as Thingyan in Myanmar – when the new year is celebrated with loads and loads of water. Some other festivities such as TET – the Vietnamese New Year – will put a damper on your holiday as many shops, restaurants and attractions will be closed for the locals to celebrate with their family. On our website, you can find all the public holidays in each country under the ‘When To Go & More’ link.

5. Make yourself a good itinerary. If you know where you want to go to, and when, then start making your itinerary with the stops you’d like to go. We’d love to help you out with this part of the planning of your trip, to make it an unforgettable holiday. Make sure to contact us to get all our tips and tricks for the region!


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