Breezing through Luang Prabang’s Night Market

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Date: April 25th 2018
Traveller: Carla Rijnders
Luang Prabang has many incredible markets, such as the Phosi Market (largest market in Luang Prabang), the Dara Market (famous for sinhs, traditional skirt worn by Lao women) and the morning market (where you can discover fresh Lao ingredients, check it out while joining our bike tour. But our favourites must be the night market – the largest handicraft market in Laos!

In the late afternoon, the main road through Luang Prabang closes for stallholders to set up shop. Once set up, this is probably the best of its kind in Laos, and maybe even in the region! Here you’ll find authentic, good quality crafts, such as beautifully hand-woven fabrics. But that’s not all, as here you’ll find Lao textiles, handbags, embroidery, souvenirs, and a separate alley on this market is dedicated to delicious street food!

Why do we like this market so much? Well, the products that you can buy here are of a great quality, often more unique than the items you can find in other regular markets. (Do be aware of the increasing amount of souvenirs from Vietnam and China, which are a lot less quality than the local items.) Compared to many other markets, the vendors let you browse without making you feel pressured. Also, the bargaining is quite relaxed and civilized. Another great point about this market is that it’s in the evening – opening hours are from 16:30 till 21:30 – which makes shopping a lot more relaxed without the scorching hot sun shining on you. And last but not least, the food the glorious food. As said a separate alley has been created so that you can sample the Laos cuisine. Don’t skip the Lao Coconut pancake or the delicious baguettes!

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