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The incredible 4000 islands of Southern Laos

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Date: July 20th 2018
Traveller: Carla Rijnders
Laos’ 4000 islands, or Si Phan Don, can be found in the country’s deepest south, close to the Cambodian border. At this point, the Mekong is divided into an archipelago of islands, according to the locals 4000 to be exact! Here you’ll find a laidback atmosphere, where customs and folkways are still being passed down, from generation to generation, uninterruptedly.

As you can imagine, the area has a big influence by the Mekong Delta. Not only work almost 95% of the people in the fishing industry, it is also home to rare flora and fauna! And as almost all families are dependant on fishing for a living, the ecological awareness among the locals is very high! This is a great thing to keep this area protected!

So what can you do here? Loads! First off you can go out and try to spot the Irrawaddy dolphins. This is an endangered species of freshwater dolphins that roam the waters here.
Then there is the stunning nature, with beautiful waterfalls such as the Khone Phapheng and Somphamit.
On the west side of Don Det Island, you can enjoy scenic sunsets in a rural setting. In the morning head over to the east coast of the island to enjoy a beautiful sunrise – one not to be missed!
At Don Khong, you can check out more amazing views and take in the village life. This is the perfect place to cycle around and visit temples, enjoy the view of rice paddies and the impressive Mekong River.
There is so much more to discover here, such as the old French railroad locomotive, exploring the Mekong by kayak, or taking a dip in it, or you could just take it easy and relax in a hammock with your new favourite book!

No time to linger in Si Phan Don? No worries, just join this amazing 1-day sightseeing tour, where we’ll show you as much as possible in the time we have! A great way to see enough to make you want to come back for more!


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