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The beauty of Rabbit Island, Cambodia

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Date: October 3rd 2018
Traveller: Carla Rijnders
Rabbit Island (or Koh Tonsay) is still mostly hidden away from most tourists. It’s one of those places you would like to keep a secret, as it’s a truly relaxing place, with wonderful and friendly locals, divine seafood, the perfect place to snorkel and enjoy island time. But we wouldn’t be BeenInAsia if we wouldn’t share this wonderful little island with you.

A bit of information about Rabbit Island – no it’s not filled with cute little rabbits, but it got its name from the shape of the island that reminded people of a rabbit. The island itself is only 2km2 and is surrounded by beaches lined with coconut trees. When you travel land inwards, you’ll quickly come to see that it is covered with dense jungle. In just a few hours you will be able to have walked around the entire island. But you can also take a 30-minute walk to the top of the hill where you’ll discover the remnants of American artillery, dating back to the Vietnam War.
The island doesn’t have roads, so the only way to get around is by taking a boat (or you could opt to walk). But this also means that there is no sound of traffic or beeping horns, keeping the island nice and quiet.  After 10pm the electricity – which is run on generators – will be switched off, and there is no WIFI. This makes it an even better place to chill out and get away from it all.

You have the option of staying in one of the local hotels here, or you could decide to travel to Rabbit Island on a day trip from Kep. The last option gives you the best of both worlds, as you can enjoy your luxury accommodation in the evening while enjoying all the beauty this wonderful island has to offer you during the day!


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