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National Geographic has honored Topas Ecolodge Sapa

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Date: March 27th 2019
Traveller: Carla Rijnders
Every year National Geographic publishes its Unique Lodges of the World list. This list is not just a selection of world-class hotels, but also a collection of rare experiences. These lodges offer guests an intimate encounter with parts of the world not many get to know. Each lodge is deeply rooted in its community and dedicated to protecting the surrounding habitats and cultures while safeguarding them for the future.

We were very happy to hear that National Geographic selected one of our favorite accommodations for this list: Topas Ecolodge! Not only did they land the 5th spot in Asia, but the first resort ever to be named in Vietnam. This is not the first time Topas Ecolodge was honored by National Geographic, as they also hold the number one on their list of “21 Places to Stay if you Care About the Planet”.

Why National Geographic loves this lodge? Amongst others the great location; situated on a beautiful mountaintop far from the tourist hub of Sapa Town. It offers the area’s most culturally enriching travel experiences. And here you live among the hill tribe communities, instead of trekking through them for a day or so. In this way, you’ll leave with a deeper understanding of life in these rural villages.

Want to read all the reason this is the place to stay? Including highlights and lodge features? Read it on National Geographics website


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