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Vientiane’s Night Market

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Date: May 9th 2019
Traveller: Carla Rijnders
Come and join us to discover the charming capital of Laos. You can cycle the city’s back roads, discover Vientiane and the Buddha park, or join in on a city tour where you’ll visit all of the capital’s highlights! 

But how about some entertainment at night? We’ve got you covered! By the end of the afternoon, head on over to the Mekong River where you will find the Vientiane Night Market. The stalls are aimed for tourists with your typical merchandise. You have your t-shirts, fake sunglasses, elephant pants, but also the Buddhist paintings and other interesting souvenirs to bring home. If you see something you like, just find the place with the best price (there are several stores selling similar items), and make sure to bargain. If you’ve been to other markets in the region, you might think this is not the best place to visit.

So why are we sending you to this particular market? Well, the location… As said the market is located right along the Mekong River. This stunning background is the best place to watch people, tourists and locals alike. As you can see the joggers and dog-walkers enjoying the cooling breeze while strolling down the riverside promenade, while the tourists are looking for that special gift to bring back home. This all while the sun drops into the Mekong River, making for a pretty perfect start of your evening. So if you don’t feel like wandering around this market, but do like the hustle and bustle of it all, then get a drink at one of the food stalls, and see what the evening will bring you!


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