Many reasons to put Sri Lanka on your bucket list!

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Date: November 6th 2019
Traveller: Carla Rijnders
Sri Lanka, a beautiful diverse country that has much to offer the traveler. Whenever you want to travel, there is always a part of the country with 'the best travel time' of the year, so it is accessible in all seasons. In history, then Ceylon was colonized by Portugal and the Netherlands and it was an important trading nation for cinnamon, nuts and elephants for the VOC. From 1815 the island came under British rule and since 1948 the island has been independent.
Sri Lanka is located in South Asia, south of India. Sri Lanka offers a diversity of cultural heritage (many UNESCO sites), nature and stunning beaches. From the holy city for Buddhists in the North - Anuradhapura, to the most important religious city Kandy in Central Sri Lanka to Galle in the south, where the Dutch influences can be seen.
From elephant shelters to wild elephants, peacocks, crocodiles and, if you're lucky, leopards, not to forget the impressive tea plantations.
There is also plenty to do at the beach. The iconic pole fishermen, busy with their daily fresh catch, are a feast for the eyes, or if you want to be active, there are opportunities for diving, snorkeling and surfing.
And what about a stop at the idyllic beaches in the Maldives?
In short: don't forget to put Sri Lanka on your bucket list! Take a look here at just a few examples that BeenInAsia has to offer. You can also ask us about many other options for Sri Lanka!


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