Discover the highlights of Myanmar

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Date: December 12th 2019
Traveller: Carla Rijnders
Rich in history and culture, but still pretty new as a tourist destination; a good way to describe Myanmar. After centuries of rule by the British and later the military junta, Myanmar finally opened the country for tourist. And slowly, but steadily tourist numbers are going up. Not strange, knowing what this amazing country has to offer. So why not join us to discover the highlights of Myanmar with a 12-day tour without beach or a 15-day tour including beach.

So what to expect on this amazing 12/15 days tour? Let’s walk you through the itinerary so you can get as excited about this amazing trip as we are!

First up is Yangon. The old capital city of Myanmar has an interesting history, obviously we’ll explore this on arrival with a city tour which will bring you to the cities highlights such as the Shwedagon Pagoda – where it is believed that they safe keep eight hairs of Gautama Buddha and therefore is one of Buddhism’s most sacred sites – the Yangon river – containing Buddha relics – the famous Strand Road and much more. All of the main sights will be seen in one day.
The next day we’ll fly off to Bagan to bike around. Pedal along the ancient brick structures, visit buzzing little towns and explore the traditional lifestyle of the people here, and enjoy a cup of famous Myanmar tea. The next day we’ll enjoy another day in this stunning location, while we drive around the countryside visiting several villages exploring the different cultures and ways the people have been known for. But we’ll also visit several temples and finish the day by taking the boat back to Bagan for a relaxing cruise on the Ayeryarwaddy River.
Next stop is Mandalay where we obviously head out to see the highlights during a city tour. One place here deserves a special visit and that is obviously the U Bein Bridge which we’ll visit on our second day here, especially at sunset this is a magical place to be. But before we reach the U Bein Bridge, we’ll bike through farmlands and villages. By the end of the day, we reach the U Bein Bridge, where we jump on a local rowboat to catch the sun setting behind the Bridge, giving the most amazing view you can imagine.
The next couple of days we’ll make stops at places you normally wouldn’t go to as we want to show you a different path around Myanmar. One of the stops is Kalaw, a former British hill station and its tiny railway station. From here we’ll take a beautiful scenic drive to Loikow in the Karen Hills. We’ll spend the day discovering the surrounding area. One of the visits that stand out here is visiting the Thirimingala Pagoda that is set on top of an impressive rock. Another visit you won’t forget is going to the villages of Pan Pae where you’ll meet Padaung women – more famously known for their long necks.
No time to waste, as the next day we’ll travel to Sagar – partly by boat – where you’ll discover traditional arts, such as wheelwrights. As Sagar is located in the southern part of Inle Lake, it’s not a big guess where our next stop is. Yes Inle Lake itself. Another boat trip will bring you to Inle Lake where you’ll discover the one-legged fishermen, its incredible floating gardens and a heap of monasteries.

If you’re joining us for our 12-day trip, then you’ll have another leisurely day in Inle Lake before you head back to Yangon the next day, where you’re trip will end. But if you’ve decided to enjoy a couple of days on the beach, to reflect on this amazing trip and charge up before flying back home, then this is the day you’ll go to Ngapali Beach in Thandwe where you’ll enjoy three beautiful days on the beach before you finish your trip in Yangon.

Whichever trip you decide to take, we hope you’ll enjoy the highlights we have carefully selected for you.


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