Exploring the South of Cambodia

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Date: December 3rd 2019
Traveller: Carla Rijnders
Cambodia is a small country located in between Thailand, Vietnam, Laos and the Gulf of Thailand. Even though it’s small, it has a long and interesting history, with a magnificent early civilisation. During the Khmer Empire the country was legendary, and due to the amazing temples they build so many centuries ago, it now is attracting millions of visitors yearly.
However Cambodia has so much more to offer then its temples, such as sizzling street food, untouched jungles, undiscovered mountains and white sand beaches which are largely unexplored. What more can you ask for? We would say, the option of combining it all in a short period of time - as said the country isn’t that big!

The Southern part of Cambodia has rice paddies, beautiful mountains, and a coastline of more than 440km. When going to the South of Cambodia, most people end up in Sihanoukville for the beaches. This is definitely an amazing location to see the crystal clear sea and enjoy the beach and its a great jumping point for several islands. However, don’t expect you’ll be the only one here, as nightlife, restaurants and a backpackers vibe make Sihanoukville. Not for nothing, this is the third-most-popular tourist destination in the country.
Considering a beach location that is less touristy, but still has an amazing beach and the same crystal clear waters - why not go to Kep. Once a popular beach destination in the 30s, it’s now famous for amazing sunsets and delicious seafood.

Not into the beach, why not take a look at Kampot? A charming riverside town with interesting French colonial architecture. This city makes an excellent base for exploring Bokor National Park - a 1581km2 national park. Here you will find a lush primary rainforest in a refreshingly cool climate {not strange that the French build a hill station here to escape the heat}. In this park you’ll be able to find plenty of threatened animals such as pig-tailed macaque, slow loris, Indian elephant and more.

And then there is another totally different location you can go to. Introducing Koh Kong City; close to the Thai border crossing, this city used to be known as a smugglers port. Now it’s famous for its ecotourism with beautiful deserted beaches, mangrove forest and the Tatai River. Due to this, it’s a great place for boat trips, waterfall, Cardamom mountains and beach excursions. The best way to experience this town is by staying in a magnificent lodge on the river during a 4 day trip from Phnom Penh.

As said, there are plenty of reasons to discover the beautiful South of Cambodia. Will you come and visit too?


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