How did choose hotels?
As a traveler, we want to offer you the best hotels at the best price. Quality is one of the most important criteria. We may find a hotel suitable, but we attach much greater importance to how other travelers rate a hotel. We therefore regularly check reviews at Booking, Agoda, Tripadvisor and other review sites. In addition, we prefer small-scale hotels, which are not always available in big cities.

Can I have book hotels for me?
If you only want to book a hotel, the reservation of hotels goes through our website, the actual booking and payment is done by Agoda or Booking. We have made a selection for you to facilitate your search. If BeenInAsia puts together a trip for you, we will include hotels.

Can I have book a flight for me?
BeenInAsia can book domestic flights for you, in combination with other services, but not low-cost carriers. We do not book intercontinental flights.

What does a transfer entail?
Most transfers are from airport to hotel (and vice versa) and sometimes from one place to another. You will be met with a nameplate and brought to your destination. You don't have to wait for other passengers. There is no guide available - only a driver, because we find these extra costs unnecessary for easy transportation.