General conditions + privacy policy

Article 1.  Definitions
1.1.  In these general terms and conditions, the following terms are used in the following way, unless explicitly stated otherwise or the context indicates otherwise:
a. the user of these general terms and conditions:, located at Revaleiland 486, in Amsterdam, and registered at the Chamber of Commerce under Chamber of Commerce number 54905303;
b. client: the legal person who has entered into an agreement with;
c. agreement: the agreement between and the client where compiles a travel schedule on behalf of the client and mediates in the realization of a booking agreement;
d. travel schedule: the travel schedule that has compiled for the client in the context of the agreement;
e. collaboration partner: the company with which cooperates and who implements the booking agreement;
f. booking agreement: the booking that is agreed through the intermediary of between the client and the cooperation partner, whereby the cooperation partner makes the bookings that are necessary for the implementation of the travel schedule;
g. website: the website managed by;
h. data subject: the client and any other person, such as the client's fellow traveler, for example, from whom processes personal data;
i. personal data: data with which a legal person can be identified.

Article 2.  General
2.1.  These terms and conditions apply to all agreements between and the client.
2.2.  Any deviations from these general terms and conditions are only valid if they have been explicitly agreed upon in writing or via e-mail.
2.3.  If one or more of the provisions in these terms and conditions are invalid or should be annulled, then the remaining provisions of these terms and conditions will remain fully applicable. The invalid or voided provisions will be replaced by, whereby the purpose and scope of the original provision(s) will be taken into account wherever possible.
2.4.  If does not always demand strict compliance with these general terms and conditions, this does not mean that the provisions thereof are not applicable, or that would in any way lose the right to strictly comply with the provisions of these conditions in other cases.

Article 3.  Formation of the agreement
3.1.  The agreement is finalized once the client has given the assignment to compile a travel schedule by phone or via e-mail to and has accepted this assignment.

Article 4.  Execution of the agreement, position of and cancellation
4.1.  When executing the given task, will exercise the greatest possible care regarding the interests of the client.
4.2.  If a period has been agreed for the completion of certain activities, this will never be a strict deadline.
4.3.  Once the client has given his or her approval on the travel schedule, will provide the client's details and travel schedule to the cooperation partner so that the booking agreement can be established and the cooperation partner can execute the booking agreement. The cooperation partner will invoice the client for their bookings.
4.4. is not responsible for the booking agreement. is therefore not responsible if the cooperation partner does not fulfill his obligations towards the client. If the cooperation partner commits non-performance towards the client, then that is a matter between the client and the cooperation partner. In such a case, the client must address the cooperation partner and not At the request of the client, can mediate in a dispute between the cooperation partner and the client. However, is never obliged to do so.
4.5. can never be held accountable for the actions and / or omissions of the cooperation partner.
4.6.  If the client cancels the booking agreement, then the cooperation partners have the right to charge cancellation costs to the client. The amount of the cancellation costs is stated in the booking agreement or in the associated terms and conditions of the cooperation partner.

Article 5.  Obligations of the client
5.1.  The client ensures that all data that states is necessary, or that the client should reasonably understand to be necessary for the execution of the agreement and his wishes regarding the trip. will be sent to in time.
5.2.  The client will always inform via e-mail as soon as possible of changes to his data that are relevant to the implementation of the agreement or of changes to his wishes with regard to the trip.
5.3.  The client refrains from all activities that can cross the assignment to and / or may hinder in the execution of the assignment.

Article 6.  Complaints
6.1. Complaints about the work of must be reported by the client to in writing or via e-mail as soon as possible after the discovery, but no later than within 14 days after completion of the relevant work. The notification of failure must contain as detailed a description as possible of the shortcoming, so that is able to respond adequately.
6.2. If a complaint is well-founded, will still perform the work as agreed, unless this has become demonstrably pointless for the client. The latter must be made known by the client in writing or via e-mail.
6.3. The client is obliged to give the opportunity within a reasonable period of time to remedy any deficiencies attributable to or to limit or eliminate the damage resulting from these deficiencies.

Article 7.  Suspension and termination
7.1. is entitled to suspend compliance with the obligations or to dissolve the agreement by means of a written or electronic statement if:
a.  The client does not or does not fully comply with his or her obligations towards;
b.  After the conclusion of the agreement came to the knowledge that circumstances give good reason to fear that the client will not fulfill their obligations;
c.  Circumstances arise that are of such a nature that fulfillment of the agreement is impossible or can no longer be demanded according to the standards of reasonableness and fairness, or if circumstances otherwise arise that are such that unaltered maintenance of the agreement cannot reasonably be assumed or expected;
d.  The Debt Restructuring Natural Persons Act is declared applicable to the client.
7.2. cannot be held liable for any damage suffered by the client for a suspension or termination.

Article 8.  Liability and prescription
8.1. cannot be held to compensate for any damage that is a direct or indirect consequence of:
a.  An event that is in fact beyond its control and cannot therefore be attributed to its actions, as described, among other things, in Article 9 of these general terms and conditions;
b. Any act or omission on the part of the client.
8.2. is not liable for damage of any nature whatsoever, because has assumed incorrect and / or incomplete information provided by the client.
8.3.  The client is responsible for the decisions that he or she makes, whether or not they were based on advice from
8.4.  The implementation of the travel schedule is entirely at the expense and risk of the client;
8.5. is not liable for the work performed for the client by third parties, including a cooperation partner, that are recommended by

Article 9.  Force majeure
9.1.  Force majeure should include: virus infection or computer breach by third parties; illness of the legal person who executes the agreement on behalf of; internet and power failure; failure in e-mail traffic; fire; theft; government measures.

Article 10. Intellectual property rights
10.1. reserves the rights and powers that have under the Copyright Act. The copyrights to the itinerary are held by
10.2. reserves the right to use the knowledge gained through the performance of the work for other purposes, provided that no confidential information is disclosed to third parties.

Article 11.  Competent court and applicable law
11.1.  All disputes regarding agreements between the client and will be settled by the competent court in the Netherlands within whose jurisdiction the location of is located. The client has the option to, within 1 month after has made a written appeal to this article, choose the competent court according to the law for settling the dispute.
11.2.  Dutch law applies to every agreement between and the client.


Article 12.  Personal data
12.1. For, careful handling of personal data is of great importance. With regard to the processing of personal data, acts in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (AVG).
12.2. collects personal data from the party concerned when they have provided this data to via the website, when the data subject has entered into an agreement with, when the data subject has contacted by telephone or e-mai, or when the data subject has provided the personal data to in the context of the agreement.
12.3. collects and processes the following personal data:
a.  Contact details, such as: first and last name, e-mail address, and telephone number;
b.  Address details, such as: first and last name, address, zip code, city and country;
c.  Data necessary to book a trip such as: first and last name, gender, and date of birth;
d. Details on the client's passport, such as: first and last name, date of birth, passport number, nationality, and until when the passport is valid. The data on the passport that is not necessary for, such as passport photo and citizen service number, must be protected by the client when providing a copy or scan of his or her passport.
12.4. does not process any special personal data of those involved.

Article 13.  Basis and purposes of the processing
13.1.  The basis for the processing of personal data is the formation and implementation of the agreement, compliance with legal obligations, or a legitimate interest of
13.2. collects and processes the personal data for the following purposes:
a.  Formation and implementation of the agreement, such as: compiling and steering the travel schedule.
b.  To keep in touch with the person concerned, such as: handling a question and / or comment from the person concerned;
c.  Administrative purposes, such as: managing a customer base;
d.  Sending a newsletter;
e.  The booking of flights by the cooperation partner and the reporting of those involved to authorities.
13.3.  The provision of the data referred to in Article 12.3 is a contractual obligation. cannot perform the agreement without this data.
13.4. will not store the personal data for longer than is strictly necessary to achieve the goals, as described in Article 13.2, for which the personal data is processed.
13.5. only processes the personal data that are minimally necessary for the existing purposes. strives for minimal data processing.
13.6. will not process the personal data for purposes other than those described above.

Article 14.  Newsletter
14.1. periodically sends newsletters to the person concerned if the person concerned has given their prior consent.
14.2.  In every newsletter that is sent to the person concerned, there is a link with which the person concerned can unsubscribe from the newsletter. After the person concerned has logged out, will send the person concerned a confirmation of the deregistration via e-mail.

Article 15.  Erasing of personal data
15.1. will remove personal data from its systems without unreasonable delay if:
a.  The personal data is no longer needed for the purposes for which they were processed;
b.  The person concerned objects to the processing of his or her personal data and this objection is justified;
c.  The personal data is incorrect or outdated.
15.2. is not obliged to delete personal data if there is one of the situations described in the law where the "right to forget" does not apply.

Article 16.  Providing personal data to third parties
16.1. will provide the personal data of the person concerned to third parties if:
a. has explicitly obtained prior permission from the person concerned. The data subject can withdraw his consent to provide personal data to third parties at any time;
b.  One of the legal principles applies to which the provision of personal data to a third party is permitted;
c.  It is necessary for the execution of the agreement, such as the provision of personal data to the cooperation partner for the creation and implementation of the booking agreement;
d.  That is the reason why it has been requested by an authority, such as the police or judicial authorities. Before provides personal information to an authority, checks the credibility of that authority.

Article 17.  Right of inspection, right to transferability, rectification and removal
17.1.  On request, grants the data subject access to all personal data that holds about him or her and provides the data subject with a free copy of this data in such a form that the data subject himself can provide the personal data to a third party.
17.2. offers the data subject the opportunity to have any incorrect data that keeps from him or her corrected or deleted free of charge.
17.3.  The request for access, change, or deletion of data can be submitted in writing or via e-mail to, see Article 20.1 for the contact details of will respond to such a request as soon as possible and in any case within 4 weeks.

Article 18.  Objection
18.1.  The data subject can submit an objection to the processing of their personal data at if they have good reason to do so given their specific situation. After has received the objection from the data subject, will stop processing the personal data of the data subject, unless has legitimate interests in the processing of personal data that outweigh the interest of the data subject.

Article 19.  Right of restriction
19.1. If a request has been submitted by the person concerned in connection with. adjusting, supplementing or deleting his or her personal data or an objection has been submitted in regards to the processing of his personal data and the processing, processing and execution of this request or that objection lasts for some time, the person concerned may request to limit the processing of their personal data.

Article 20.  Contact
20.1.  For questions about the way in which processes personal data, the withdrawal of a consent in regards to the processing of personal data, access to personal data that processes from the data subject, request for a copy of their personal data, the request for modification or deletion of their personal data, the request for limiting the processing of his personal data or submitting objection to the processing of his personal data, the person concerned can contact via the contact details below.

Contact details:
Address: Revaleiland 486
Postal code / place: 1014 ZG Amsterdam
Email address:
Telephone number: (+31) 6 11 45 06 43

20.2.  If, at the request of the data subject, corrects, supplements or removes personal data from the data subject or terminates or limits the processing of the personal data or has processed a revoked consent, will inform the data subject thereof.

Article 21.  Security measures
21.1.  To prevent unauthorized access to personal data, loss, theft and unauthorized use of personal data, has taken various security measures, including measures against unauthorized access, use, alteration, unlawful and unintended destruction and unintended loss of personal data. has, inter alia, taken the following security measures:
a.  Using systems with strong passwords to prevent unauthorized access to information systems;
b.  Using secure network connections;
c.  The encrypted storage of the data in the database;
d.  Physical protection of IT facilities, equipment and the server against unauthorized access and damage;
e.  Data provided to via the website is encrypted. uses an HTTPS connection.

Article 22.  Privacy policy of third parties
22.1.  This privacy policy does not apply to third-party websites, such as social media websites that are linked to the website through links. does not accept any responsibility or liability with regard to the way in which these websites handle personal data. For more information about the manner in which these third parties handle personal data and the like, the privacy policy of the relevant website must be consulted.

Article 23.  Data breach
23.1.  If a security incident has occurred at where personal data of a sensitive nature has been leaked or as a result of which there is a serious adverse effect for the protection of the processed personal data for another reason, will, if possible, within 72 hours, report to the Data Protection Authority after observing the data breach and act in accordance with the Data Loss Reporting Obligation Policy Regulations of the Data Protection Authority.
23.2.  If there is a data breach at that has adverse consequences for the privacy of the person concerned, then will immediately inform the person concerned of this.

Article 24.  Submit complaint
24.1.  If the data subject is of the opinion that the processing of personal data by is not in accordance with this privacy policy and / or with the applicable laws and regulations, the data subject may submit a complaint to the Personal Data Authority or to a supervisory authority in the country where the person concerned resides.

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