Climate Cambodia

Cambodia has a tropical climate and it is warm in most of the country. Only in the higher areas of Ratanakiri and Mondulkiri it remains slightly cooler.
From February on the temperature goes up slowly, until in April / May when the heat is at its worst (37-40C). From May / June the rainy season starts, which offers some relief from the heat. The rain showers in the wet season are often short and heavy, humidity is high, with temperatures between 27-35C. Some areas become impassable. The rainy season runs until the end of October, when it stops raining and temperatures get pleasant (20-27C).

Best time to go to Cambodia

The ideal travel time in Cambodia is from November to March. It is dry, temperatures are pleasant and roads are passable. April, May, June are also good, but you must consider higher temperatures and you need to adjust your program.

Tonle Sap Lake
The dry and rainy season have a major influence on the Tonle Sap lake. At the end of the rainy season is over 5 times as large as it is in dry season. This also has effect on what you see when visiting the villages on the lake. Some programs have therefore a slightly different format in the dry and in the wet season. In the dry season it is sometimes not possible to go by boat in some areas. This is clearly indicated in the tours.

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Time difference Cambodia 

Cambodia is 5 hours (in winter 6 hours) ahead of Central Europe Time.