Laos with children (family / kids)

Travel with children is perfectly fine in Laos. It is safe, distances are reasonable, there is plenty to do and people are very child friendly. Why wait to travel until the kids are grown up? Kids can easily join from the age of 6. They enjoy the cultural differences and notice complete different things than adults. 
It is nice to include activities for children in your program. With children, you can do activities with elephants and if the children are slightly older, there are many activities such as kayaking, cycling and hiking in the jungle. The truly adventurous can even go zip-lining and rock climbing! Here we have a 'child' selection from our program. Ask for our child rates!

4 days Coffee and Culture in Southern Laos

Southern Laos produces some of the finest coffee in the world which you can discover for yourself on a unique vintage jeep tour. Go off-the-beaten-track to unspoiled rural environments and experience, interact and learn about the village life and cultures of the people living there.

from$ 400,-

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