Unwind in Maledives 

Who doesn't want to be in Paradise? Maledives is one of the few places where pictures can't tell you the truth - the truth is even better than that! There are more than 1,200 islands within 26 natural atolls; chrystal clear waters, coral reefs within easy reach, every possibility to go out snorkeling or scuba diving with manta rays, dolphins and all kind of bright coloured reef fish! Most resorts have beach villa's as well as water bungalows, so for a choice to everyones taste and budget. We guarantee you that you will return home with a relaxed state of mind. There is only one disadvantge: time passes to quickly here!
You can relax in Maledives for a short holdiay, or you can sit back after a tour of Sri Lanka. Have a look at our package tours in Sri Lanka
The Maldives boast a hot tropical climate. There are two monsoons, the southwest from May to October and the northeast from November to April. Generally the southwest brings more wind and rain in June and July. The temperature rarely falls below 25°C.