Myanmar has a tropical climate with three different seasons. The effects of the rainy season can vary accross different regions in the country.  For most of the country we see:
Rainy season: June to September
Cool season: October to February
Hot season: March to May

Best time to go by region

The best time to travel to Myanmar is from October to end of March. However, some tours can still be planned year round.

In Yangon temperatures can be very unpleasant in the hot season and it becomes wet and humid during rainy season.
Upper Myanmar is rather dry the whole year round.
The months of July - September are still good to visit Bagan and Mandalay, when the air is clearer with less dust and the rainfall is not heavy.
The coastal areas should be avoided from May to end of September.
In the Shan Hill and Mrauk Oo temperatures at night it can be surprisingly chilly during the winter months, ranging from O°C to 8°C. 

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Time difference Myanmar

Myanmar is 5½ hours (in winter 6½ hours) ahead of Central Europe Time.