Many festivals in Myanmar are associated with the moon phase and many of them are celebrated in parts of the country.

Most important festivals 2019 in Myanmar:

January 4                Independence Day
February 12            Union Day
March 2                   Peasants Day
April 13-17              Water Festival (Thingyan).
                                Most important 
festival of the year. Everyone
                                around gets wet
with water to wash away
                                bad luck and cleanse them for the new year.

April 18                    Myanmar New Year
                                (18-19 Apr National Holiday)

May 1                      Labour Day
May 18                    Kason Fullmoon Day (Buddha's birthday)
July 16                    Waso Fullmoon Day. This day marks
                                the start of Buddhist Lent.
July 19                    Martyr's Day
October 12 - 14      Tadingyut Lighting Festival. This occasion
                                celebrates the end of Buddhist lent.
                                It is the festival of lights.

November 10 - 11   Tazaungmone Fullmoon Festival. During this
                                full moon festival locals offer saffron
                                robes slippers umbrellas alms
                                bowls and other basic items to monks.

November 21          National Day
December 25          Christmas Day
December 31          New Year's Eve