Travelers are advised to obtain a visa in their home country prior to entering Myanmar.

Myanmar E-Visa

For entry Yangon, Mandalay and NayPyiTaw airport
The Myanmar government now allows that an E-Visa can be applied on-line for all tourists arriving to Yangon, Mandalay and NayPyiTaw. Tourist visas will be allowed for 1 entry and a stay of 28 days, valid 3 months after approval. The current cost is USD 50 and will need to be paid on-line. You will get acknowledged code within a day and approval within 5 working days. Click here for the official government website.

For other border entry points E-Visa service is not yet available. In that case you need to arrange a visa prior to departure. Specific advice on up-to-date requirements should be obtained from the consulate offices in your country.

You need 2 photo's. Visa processing time is between 5 and 10 working days at most Myanmar Consulates or Embassies. Tourist visas are valid for 28 days. Some Embassies require a ‘confirmation letter’ which our supplier in Myanmar can provide when booking tours. When you are traveling overland or by air, please ensure that your passport is in your hand luggage. NEVER pack your passport in your suitcase.


For entering Myanmar a passport with a minimum validity of 6 months is required. Foreigners always need to carry their passport whilst traveling.

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