Traveling Myanmar

Myanmar - or also know by its old name, Burma - has long been closed to the outside world. Since the political reform in 2011, there are large changes in the country and has a quickly increasing interest from outside. This is evident in the number of tourists going to Myanmar. Because the country has had so little foreign influence for so long, it still breathes a unique atmosphere. People are incredibly friendly and welcoming, thousands of golden pagodas and stupas are shining in the bright sun on the bushy hills and monks dressed in marroon robes blend in with the environment. Visiting Myanmar with children (family / kids) is also a very good choice, as people are very friendly and you can make a great family program.

Despite the reforms, there are supporters and opponents to visit Myanmar and arguments of both are justifiable. BeenInAsia believes that everyone should make his own considerations. We endeavor to choose our programs as good as possible and our aim is that locals can share their hospitality in the best achievable way and that they will be better off in life.

Online travel advice Myanmar

On you can find lots of information about traveling to Myanmar . You can ask us to take care of your Myanmar tour package or you can, of course, organize parts yourself.  Because there is a shortage of hotels, we recommend you to arrange accommodation and domestic transportation in advance. Feel free to ask us for advice!

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