In a big city like Singapore, the most important question is: where do I want my hotel to be? But in addition to location, we believe that the quality of your hotel is an important part of your holiday experience. After a day of sightseeing or shopping it is great if you're staying in a hotel where you can feel comfortable and where it is clean. Therefore, we have selected the best hotels by area in several price ranges. Singapore is not cheap, but we'll make sure you get value for money. Hotels have at least 3 stars and excellent reviews from other travelers with TripAdvisor and Agoda.

How it works

You decide what type of hotel you prefer. We offer our selection with a brief description and an icon for pool, child friendly, honeymoon, beach or golf. The prices and the number of people per room are mentioned. We have visited the hotels and know where they are. Through the site of BeenInAsia you can book the best deals at Agoda, the largest hotel booking site in Asia. Pay directly to Agoda and you will immediately receive a confirmation and voucher from them.