Climate Singapore

Because Singapore is close to the equator, it is warm and humid all year round. On average it is 31C, with little variation.

Best travel time

With rain almost all year round and being hot anyway, tourism does not have a real peak season. Yet there are varieties:

February-March: months with a pleasant temperature and little rainfall
April-May: hottest months of the year, but also dry

There are two monsoon seasons, characterized by heavy, tropical rain showers, accompanied by thunderstorms.
December-January: the northeast monsoon with strong winds and rain, especially in the afternoon and evening. It is slightly cooler in this period.
June-September: the southwestern monsoon with short, heavy rain and thunderstorms. It can be hot and humid in these months. Singapore can suffer from air pollution and haze through forest fires in southerly Sumatra in this time of year. The air quality can be very bad.
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Time difference Singapore

Singapore is 6 hours (in winter 7 hours) ahead of Central Europe Time.