A few days Singapore

Singapore is a destination that is usually visited for a few days, whether as a stopover to another destination in (Southeast) Asia or Oceania. Singapore is also seen as the gateway to Asia and is a fascinating city. In 1819 it was founded as a British trading colony and it has a rich history. Since 1965, Singapore became independent and quickly became one of the world's most prosperous countries.

Modern skyscrapers, new neighborhoods like Marina Bay and Sentosa, combined with the traditional culture of the Chinese, Malays and Indians, blessed with a tropical climate, numerous shopping malls and restaurants of all cuisines, Singapore makes it a 'must see' if you go to Asia.

Singapore online

Because Singapore is an island and very compact, most people visit the city on their own. That can be done easily, Singapore is very safe and almost everyone speaks English. Therefore our services in Singapore are mainly focused on the advice of hotels and tips for activities you can do on your own.

From Singapore, you can fly on to our other destinations: Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar.