Traveling Thailand

Everyone knows Thailand, maybe because of the stories and experiences of others or maybe because you have already visited it before. The country has many faces: from the super-luxury shopping malls and hundreds of restaurants to markets and food stalls on the street. From one of the largest Asian metropolises - Bangkok, to lively Chiang Mai. From green jungles with waterfalls to the crystal clear beaches with powder white sand.

There are so many reasons to travel to Thailand and even if you have already been here, you will never get bored and you have never seen it all. You can relax on a sunny island, snorkeling or diving, where in other places in the world it is cold and rainy. In Thailand traveling with children / family is also a good idea: they will equally enjoy culture and nature. Thailand has everything to offer for every age!

Online travel advice Thailand

Many people like to arrange their own tour through Thailand, because the country is fairly easily accessible and there are many service providers. However, we would like to share our knowledge in advising a (part of your) journey, a few-days trip or a completely organized package.

Remarkable places Thailand

Because we live here we know exactly where you should or shouldn't go in Thailand. That's why we offer - besides the 'must sees' which everyone wants to see - also tours to less frequently visited sites and areas. We deliberately say 'less frequent', Thailand is not the country where you don't find any tourists but an excellent country to learn about Asia in a comfortable way.

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Climate in Thailand

The country has a tropical climate. Depending on the season you are traveling in and what you would like to do, we can advise you where to go. Every season has something to offer!