Siam Niramit show, incl. Thai Dinner (evening)

Bangkok | 1 day | from $ 72,-
Bangkok - Enjoy a spectacular Thai culture show with "special effects" of world class! In a huge theater more than 150 professional artists with more than 500 costumes are performing. You travel back in time and this fascinating show tells in a few episodes the history of the Kingdom of Siam - Thailand in the old days.
World-Class Spectacular Show' in Bangkok, Siam Niramit - Siam, the Kingdom whose history, customs and civilization have transcended time.The land of beauty and cultural treasures that have descended down through centuries. Rejoice the glory of ancient Siam and by fascinated by the wonder and grandeur of Siam Niramit, Siam - the Enchanted Kingdom. The Theme: Travel back through time into the history and culture of the Kingdom of Siam. You will be amazed and captivated by Journey Back Into History: Travel back into ancient civilizations and be stunned by splendid and diverse cultures that become the roots of the distinctive Thai ways of life. Journey Beyond Imagination: Karma, deeds of Mevit and Sin, destines where our spirits will be in the next lives. The dramatic portrait of the three Worlds of Hell, Heaven and Mythical Forest will just take your breath away. Journey Through Joyous Festivals: To ascend to Heaven, Thais hold merit-making Festivals through our the year. You will be delighted by variety of wonderful, colourful and joyous festivities and celebrations. What was life like in old Siam? Find out for yourself at the Thai village where the unique architecture, music and costumes are revived. And not only can you see how Thailand delicate and ornate handicrafts are made, you try to create them yourselves!

Price (2 people)
$ 85,- p.p.
Price (3 people)
$ 85,- p.p.
Price (4-5 people)
$ 72,- p.p.
Transfer from/to hotel
  • Private Tour
  • A/C private transport
  • entrance fees
  • local English speaking guide
  • If you arrange your own transport to the show, other prices apply.
Meals included