Activities offers day trips. There are also specific activities that may be interesting or fun to complete your program. That's why we want to offer these to you !
Whether you want to play golf, do a cooking class or learn how to make a silk lantern, it's all possible.

AO Show Ho Chi Minh City (Own arrangement)

The Opera House in Ho CHi Minh City is only open for performances. This is your chance! The À Ố Show is a new kind of art performance commonly acknowledged as new circus. The 60 min show lead you in an artistic way through typical events of daily life, a Vietnamese dream of life, survival, love and everything else in between.

Water puppet show Ho Chi Minh City (own arrangement)

Vietnamese Water Puppet Show with live traditional music. A typical folkloric entertainment, fun to see. Tickets are available at the theater and the post office.

Cycling and Hoi An lantern making tour (half day)

Cycle through the picturesque countryside of Hoi An to immerse yourself in the life of its locals. Explore the back-roads of Hoi An and its surroundings by bicycle. Ride along rice paddies and picturesque landscape to arrive at a famous lantern-making village. Visit a local family and try your hand at the handicraft. You will make a beautiul silk lantern yourself and of course, you can take it home.

from$ 53,-

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