Food tours Vietnam

Food tours are becoming increasingly popular. No wonder, because it is a fun way to get to know the country, culture and food sit close together. Vietnamese food is delicious, very fresh and not very spicy.

The market in Vietnam

It starts how people buy their food, in Vietnam it is usually on the market. Meat is offered without any fridge, something we are not used to. But animals are slaughtered early morning and the meat is taken directly to the market. So come early, then it's fresh! Fruits and vegetables always look colorful and there are so many herbs!

Street food

Food is eaten on the street. Every morning and evening streets fill up with food stalls and you sit on a small stool at a table, usually on the sidewalk. The fresh ingredients are traditionally prepared and each region has its specialties.

We offer you a few culinary excursions, where we show you this important part of the Vietnamese culture.

Hoi An Street eats by Vespa (evening)

Hoi An is a foodie’s delight. You drive from one place to another, tasting the local flavours while dining at 5 different local food & restaurant stops.

from$ 89,-

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Hoi An Classic Cooking class (half day)

Fun and interesting half-day learning about Vietnamese food and the Hoi An way of life. You will have a guided tour of Hoi An’s colourful central market and then go on a boat trip on the Hoi An River to reach the cooking school. You will walk in the herb garden and then start a 2 hours hands on cooking class. Of course you can eat what you cooked for lunch.

from$ 100,-

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Saigon after sundown food tour by Vespa

A foodie night out on the town. A bit night excursion, a bit street food adventure. Experience Saigon nightlife the way locals do, all from the back of a vintage Vespa scooter and try a variety of food and drinks at local restaurants and samplings of Saigon’s best authentic street food.

from$ 153,-

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Hoi An Classic Deluxe Day Cooking tour (full day)

Designed for food enthusiasts wanting an in-depth understanding of Vietnamese cuisine. Hands-on cooking from start to finish of 4 famous Vietnamese dishes. Start with a tour to Tra Que organic herb gardens, purchase ingredients at the local village market and have a 3 h. cooking class, lunch, and return trip to Hoi An by boat.

from$ 55,-

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