Vietnam is more than 2,000 km long. Thus the climate varies greatly between the North, Central and South Vietnam. The best time to visit varies by region. Certain times of the year you may want to consider combining Vietnam with another neighboring country.

Best time to go by region

Here you can find the climate characteristics and best time to travel by region in Vietnam. It is best to plan your Vietnam tour package well and it could be good to make a combination of countries in the region!

There are 4 seasons
best time for traveling: April - June & September - November
July - August: hot and humid (38°C)
August - September: risk of typhoons on the coast
December - January: cold and mostly dry (in mountains to freezing - no heating)
February - March: drizzling rains

best time for traveling: May - June
July - August: dry and warm
September - October: risk of severe typhoons in coastal aereas
November - March: risk of rain
A mountain chain between Hue and Hoi An causes a  separation of climate, resulting in Hoi An and further south often being more pleasant and drier than Hue and further north.
Tropical climate with a dry season and a wet season
best time for traveling: November - February
May - October: rainy season (dry in the morning and afternoon raining for several hours)
April - May: hot with temperatures of 35-40°C


For the 10-day weather forecast in different cities, please visit

Time difference Vietnam

Vietnam is 5 hours (in winter 6 hours) ahead of Central Europe Time.